Shakespeare’s Globe supports ‘its musical Sister’

Neil Constable (CEO of Shakespeare’s Globe) has just released the following statement in support of the Teatro San Cassiano.

“As CEO, I had the honour to be Shakespeare’s Globe’s Project Champion to lead the creation and opening in 2014 of our beautiful jewel-box of an indoor Jacobean Theatre, the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, based on rare and original designs. Our theatre currently is like no other with candlelit performances, exquisite carvings adorning the predominantly wooden structure, richly-decorated and authentic to the period. Shakespeare and his contemporaries wrote a number of plays for an indoor space like this and we have brought them back to life in a theatre for which they were written. We are in the privileged position of experimenting with the stage craft of this period, and constantly discover new things about some of the most famous plays in the world.

We see Teatro San Cassiano as being our Bankside playhouse’s musical Sister. Based on the same high level of scholarly work and design expertise; this reconstruction of the 1637 theatre will offer artists, musicians, audiences, scholars and students limitless opportunities to understand and discover works in the setting they were composed for and provide unique insights that have not been discovered before. We are truly excited to be able to play a small part in helping Paul Atkin and his team make their ambition come to fruition in the most beautiful city in the world.”

Neil Constable is the Chief Executive of Shakespeare’s Globe and a Consigliere of the Teatro San Cassiano.