This is a moment in time: an historic opportunity to restore
the world’s first public opera house to Venice

But we need your help. We cannot do this alone. Please choose your level
of support and play your own part in reconstructing the Teatro San Cassiano (Venezia, 1637).
Thank you


Become a friend and play your part in helping us to rebuild a truly public opera theatre


Donate and make a difference. Choose your tier and make your own history


Claim one of just 99 seats in the platea (orchestral stalls) and join an exclusive club celebrating the world’s first ever “public” opera


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Best for opera - Best for Venice - Best for making the impossible, possible

Before you donate and join our family, please take a moment to read the following text so that you are fully aware that while we are working to create something remarkable for opera and for Venice we remain a private commercial enterprise. We are not a charity. We do not enjoy the benefits of charitable status in any form. We do not receive any public funding or subsidy.

Our business model is new, open and transparent. We are a hybrid of a private, commercial enterprise, seeking unequivocally to be profitable in terms of our operation, yet striving to be charitable in respect of our primary goals and objectives: that of restoring the original Teatro San Cassiano of 1637 to Venice, and with it creating a world-leading centre of excellence for the study and performance of Baroque opera.

But, as much as our output is Baroque, every aspect of our management, planning and operation must be unerringly modern, open and forward-thinking. That includes how we treat our staff, our patrons, and our environment. It means finding new ways to fund the arts and to use a commercial structure for the greater good, where opera remains the master and commerce the servant. We are convinced this is the future and moreover our best chance of making our incredible dream into a practical reality. Better still, in such a structure, Venice (whose interests must remain key to all our actions) moves from being a dependent relying on charitable activity to a burgeoning centre of investment. We offer an alternative of a self-sustaining future where a venture that historically would be classed as charitable is financed directly by business, thus removing entirely its draw on public funds.

We believe a modern commercial ‘for profit’ approach gives us the necessary freedom, independence and flexibility to generate our own funds, which—in the first instance—will deliver the investment needed to rebuild the original Teatro San Cassiano of 1637, and—in the second—our own income streams to reinvest in the operas we want to stage, and in the music and musicological projects we so passionately believe in.

The theatre will celebrate the glory of Baroque opera in Venice, but we believe it will only succeed if it is a beacon of modern enterprise, values and awareness.

We are thus ‘commercial’ in terms of our operation, yet ‘charitable’ in terms of what we hope to achieve for opera and for Venice. Please support us. We are not a charity and do not benefit from any charitable status.

Thank you
Dr Paul Atkin
CEO and founder


If we are to achieve this gargantuan task, our supporters will need to play a very special role in helping to finance our early running costs. We need you to share our vision too.

In time, we shall introduce membership schemes that offer something of value in return, but for now we can only ask for you to support us by making whatever donation you believe is right.

If you have something more bespoke in mind, please contact us by emailing info@teatrosancassiano.it

We thank you for your support and generosity. There are a number of ways you can get involved.


Honour the name of a loved one and inscribe their memory in the birthplace of public opera. Choose the category that suits you best.

We shall also be announcing details of Legacy gifts in Wills in due course.