Without Venice, opera would not have sounded the same

Venice is not only the birthplace of public opera, its small theatres created its sound, evolved its genre, crafted its very being.

We can recreate that soundscape, take you back to the magic and to the spectacle, but above all we can also help deliver a viable future for Venice.

This project offers a sympathetic contribution to aiding the preservation of Venice and a move towards people who are passionate in their love of Italian opera, culture and history.


Venice has to be more than its glorious past.

This is about creating a new opportunity in Venice built on its tradition of unparalleled music innovation by calling on its extraordinary capacity to create the unimaginable and to fashion a genre for the world to imitate.

This project is not simply about music enthusiasts coming to Venice to see the world’s first public opera house, it is about Venice reaching out to the world to say that it is still relevant in the 21st century and still willing to take the lead and to set a standard for others to follow. This is as much about the future as it is the past.

This project delivers something to all Venetians:

  • Those who value the city’s illustrious history will welcome the restoration of the world’s first public opera house, the birthplace of modern opera.
  • Those that long for Venice to be relevant in the modern era will recognise that the theatre places Venice at the centre of something tangible today, which reaches out to a wider global market.


The artistic and commercial opportunities that a reconstructed Baroque opera theatre in Venice would create for its people are enormous.

The theatre’s seminal status and historic location in the very heart of the birthplace of public opera would guarantee a blue-chip status in all artistic, commercial and marketing activities. The monopoly it would hold as the only theatre of its kind returned home to the world’s most beautiful city makes for a perfect alignment of the core conditions necessary to deliver both artistic and commercial success for the benefit of all Venetians.

Together, Venice and the Teatro San Cassiano have the potential to become:

  • Renowned as the foremost centre of excellence in the staging of historically informed Baroque opera worldwide
  • The home of a unique collaboration between musicological research and music performance into the staging of Baroque opera
  • The pre-eminent global centre of a growing and expanding worldwide Baroque opera market.


Commercially, the theatre offers Venice a vision of investment and growth in the 21st century. 

By putting Venice and Venetians at the centre of this project and by building on its shared cultural heritage, but with a modern global outlook, the Teatro San Cassiano can deliver:

  • Rejuvenation of the surrounding area and community
  • Expansion of Venice’s music industry and supporting infrastructure
  • Increased opportunities for local businesses
  • Increased employment and a sustainable model for Venice
  • Better tourist model delivering higher yields to Venice.


Despite the unique opportunities for Venice, it is equally clear that increasing tourism (already at c. 30 million per annum) is not a desire for most Venetians, and that there is a real need to shape tourist activity to better suit the delicate environmental demands of Venice itself.

This project remains sympathetic to this philosophy and believes it can play a positive role in assisting its management to the greater good.

The problem mainly comes in the breakdown of the 30 million tourists and the imbalance between ‘good’ tourists (c. 5 million) who stay in hotels, eat in restaurants and invest in the economy and ‘bad’ tourists (the infamous ‘day-trippers’, c. 25 million) who do not stay overnight, bring their own food, buy cheap mementos and whose spend in the city is essentially below sustainable levels, both environmentally and economically.

The crux for Venice going forward is how to redress this imbalance, ideally by reducing the ‘bad’ tourists and increasing the ‘good’.

Within this context, the modern-day Baroque enthusiast offers a committed patron willing to travel to pursue their passion. In turn, they create a wealth of commercial opportunities given their target cultural interests. Their impact on Venice will support a refocus on greater cultural activities and result in increased hotel and travel packages linked to specific ticket options and a night at the opera.

There will be a clear opportunity for local rejuvenation through direct and indirect employment at the theatre and in terms of its supporting infrastructure. This will extend to the immediate community and have a huge beneficial impact on local providers of accommodation, restaurants, bars and shops directly tailored to the needs of these patrons. The project bears comparison to and will profit from models already proven such as the rejuvenation of London’s Bankside following the reconstruction of Shakespeare’s Globe theatre.

The fundamental belief is that these opportunities come in a form which will be good both for the financial and environmental considerations of Venice. Not only will the commercial opportunities lead to increased commerce, but the type of patron the theatre will entice in turns offers Venice precisely the type of ‘good’ tourist it so desperately needs.


Wherever possible, we aim to invest in Venetians and to help grow the local economy. This is their theatre, their project, their city.

We are already using the following local suppliers and will be looking to engage with many more:


Andersen Tax & Legal – Venezia, San Marco Finance and Legal
Banco San Marco - Venezia, San Marco Banking
Domino Srl - Venezia, Santa Croce Website Developement
Equilibri Srl - Venezia, Mestre Project Management
Grafiche Veneziane - Venezia, Cannaregio Printers
Sebastiano Girardi Studio - Venezia, San Polo Graphic Designers
Studio Associato Sinisi Della Vedova - Venezia, San Marco Payroll
Studio GRCA - Venezia, San Polo Architect


And this is only the beginning. If you are a Venetian or own a business in Venice and you want to get involved, then please contact us at: